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Costs Information

We at Morgan Has Solicitors pride ourselves in providing our clients with an exceptional service that is transparent on Legal Fees. 

Below is a guidance on our firm’s private hourly rate for the following services: 

Partner £270.00 per hour
Solicitors (Over 3 years) £200.00 per hour
Solicitors (0-3 years) £180.00 per hour
Caseworkers/Trainee solicitors £120.00 per hour

The above fees are exclusive of VAT; however, we are also able to provide our clients 

with a fix fee subject to the issues and complexity involved for certain applications/transactions.

Depending on the area of Law our fixed fees range as follows:

  • Summary motoring offenses Start from £700 - £1000 plus VAT
  • Dept Recovery: £500.00 - £1000.00 plus VAT (depending on claim sum and only to cover the early stages of the pre-action protocol)
  • Immigration (non-asylum): Between £800.00 - £1500 plus VAT (VAT may not be applicable for all types of cases therefore please call our office for further information)
  • Corporate Immigration: £2000.00 - £4000.00 plus VAT (VAT may not be applicable for all types of cases therefore please call our office for further information)
  • Immigration Appeals & Judicial Reviews: Please call our office so we can provide you with an individual quote as this will depend on the complexity of your matter
  • Residential conveyancing starts from £950.00 plus VAT plus disbursements of the following but not restricted to:

Acting for lender £200.00 plus VAT

New build surcharge £400.00 plus VAT

Leasehold surcharge £250.00 plus VAT 

Please note in addition to our fees you may be required to pay disbursements which are expenses that fall outside of our legal fees. 

The type of disbursement you can expect to pay can range from the following but not limited to: Court costs, barristers fees, translations of documents, interpretation fees, postage, land registry fees, application fees where the home office is concerned. 

Depending on the type of disbursement, clients can opt to pay for these directly themselves with the institution or third party concerned. 

We have little control over such expenses, and these will vary widely depending on the complexity of your application/transaction and the work required. We will of course inform you of any immediate apparent costs involved prior to them being incurred so that you can make an informed decision weather you wish to go ahead with the matter or not.

Also, depending on the nature and outcome of your case and the way your case is funded, you may have potential liability for the costs to the other party/parties in your case. The nature and potential magnitude of the other party’s costs may vary, and this will be explained to you when we take your initial instructions.

The above is a general outline of our costs and we recommend that you call our offices directly so that further information can be obtained from you to give you a more accurate estimate. Every case is unique, and progressions is beyond our immediate control.

Upon expressing your interest in instructing us to undertake your matter, we will provide you with a written quote.   

With regards to Criminal Defence matters at the Police Station or Court, we are pleased to confirm we currently have a Legal Aid contract in place.  This means most of the work carried out is covered under public funding as Legal Aid application which are means tested. Dependant the offence and your income, and subject to the ‘interest of justice test’ they may or may not be covered under the scheme.  

In the event that you are unable to get Legal Aid or are advised otherwise, we will be able to offer you a fixed fee engagement to cover our costs (subject to your instructions). 

Please note parking penalties and most minor driving offences do not meet interest of justice test and therefore will not be funded under Legal Aid.  

Where it is not possible for Legal Aid to fund your case, we ask you to contact our office where a member of our Criminal Defence team can assistant you ascertain the next steps.

With regards to Personal Injury claims we can offer a conditional-fee agreement. This is more commonly called a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, whereby you would only be required to pay our fees if you ‘win’ your case (‘win’ here means any settlement reached by the other side in your favour). Please call our offices to speak to one of the members of our Personal Injury department for further information.