We at Morgan Has Solicitors can take the stress away from you and your business and can follow up the claim on your behalf. We will check your service agreements and contracts to ensure that the correct method of recovery is used with a provision for the recovery of costs as a small claim of less than £5,000 will not normally return through the court.


We provide advice at every stage of your claim from:

  • Civil Procedure Rules
  • Claim Form N1
  • Acknowledgement of Service form
  • Particulars of Claim
  • Defence
  • Witness Statements


Recent Legal Developments

Strasbourg upholds right of British courts to impose whole-life terms

Whole-life tariffs are compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and do not amount to ‘inhuman or degrading treatment’, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled. The case was taken to Europe in 2008 by Arthur

Forced marriage now a crime

Forcing someone to marry against their will is now a criminal offence. New legislation introduced on 16 June 2014 by the government is designed to help people in England and Wales. It also applies to UK nationals overseas

Supreme Court dismisses ‘right to die’ appeal

The Supreme Court dismissed the right to die appeal brought by the wife of the late Tony Nicklinson and campaigner Paul Lamb in a landmark judgment today. The appellants claimed the prohibition on assisted suicide in section 2(1)

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